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Who We Are


In the late 1950’s, a small student-filled apartment building and a large parking lot occupied the site of the present multi story garage at 9th and San Fernando Streets. The students crossed 9th Street to pay their rents at the medical building at 99 S. 9th, on the opposite side of the street.
In 1972, as the doctors retired, the building was put on the market. One of the previous student renters and her husband, both of Greek ethnicity, purchased the structure as-is. The demolition began. The x-ray equipment, a heavy lead wall, sinks, and tables all disappeared to make space for the individual rooms we provide today.
Welcome to Casa del Greco!


Highways 85 and 87 were to cut a wide swath through a long-established area of the city. The Catholic rectory was near the location of the current SAP “Shar Tank” on Santa Clara Street had to be moved or demolished. There was an appropriate-sized lot at 278 S. 10 th St. A foundation was poured, sewer, water, and electrical connections prepared. On Father’s Day 1970, a 5500 square foot, two-story building rolled slowly down Santa Clara Street in the middle of the night. Technicians on the roof lifted heavy electrical wires along the route with strong poles. The Franciscan would be born by dawn. Over the years, The Franciscan was occupied by sororities and ultimately became a home for male SJSU students.
We welcome you to The Franciscan!